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Shooting War – Hot Docs 2022

As the war in Ukraine unfolds in real time, we see its horror through the lens of photojournalists on the ground. Conflict photographers bring us the unvarnished truth of humanity’s capacity for violence. But what toll does this work have on the men and women behind the cameras? What pushes journalists back, year after year, to the front lines? And what do we, as readers and viewers of their work, owe them? In Shooting War, a documentary from The Globe and Mail, nine of the world’s top conflict photographers reflect on careers spent on the front lines, and the physical and psychological scars they live with now.

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Photojournalists speak of the toll of photographing on the frontlines in . The Globe and Mail have brought together nine war photojournalists to speak about their experiences, including iconic Vietnam photographer Tim Page, four-time Pulitzer Prize winner Carol Guzy, and National Geographic photographer David Guttenfelder. Along with psychiatrist Anthony Feinstein, these photographers talk about the personal toll of working on the frontlines.

Shooting War is a documentary directed by Patrick Dell for the Globe and Mail. The film was produced in cooperation with University of Toronto psychiatry professor Anthony Feinstein to bring together a group of war photographers to talk about their experiences. This includes talking about the moral injury that occurs when the photographers fail to prevent the horrific acts that they witness.

Shooting War is a difficult film to watch at times, as it features many wartime photos in graphic detail. However, this only serves to help with the message of the film, since if the photos are difficult to view, you can only imagine the effect they had on the person shooting them. Overall, Shooting War is an interesting look into the world of these photojournalists, who have risked it all to share stories of war with the world.

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