Sleep – TIFF 2023

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This solid Korean horror film shows the thin line between sleep disorders and being possessed.

Sleep – TIFF 2023

Runtime: 01:35
A pregnant wife who becomes worried about her husband’s sleeping habits. What starts out as some light sleep-talking soon escalates to unexpectedly grotesque behaviour. They consult a sleep clinic without success and as his nightmarish behaviour escalates, they desperately seek help from a shaman.

A young woman starts to believe her husband's sleeping disorder might be something more sinister in Sleep. Soo-jin () awakens one night to see her husband Hyun-su () sitting on the end of the bed. Hyun-su utters the words “Someone is inside” before going to sleep. Soon, Hyun-su begins scratching himself while sleeping and sleepwalking in the middle of the night. Despite being diagnosed with “REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder,” Soo-jin believes that her husband's behaviour is supernatural.

Sleep Synopsis

Sleep, aka 잠 (Jam), is a Korean horror film written and directed by Jason Yu. Told in three chapters, the film focuses nearly entirely on the married couple of Soo-jin and Hyun-su in their apartment. While Hyun-su tries to overcome his sleep disorder, Soo-jin begins to develop insomnia, as she fears for the safety of their newborn daughter. The insomnia turns to paranoia, as Soo-jin becomes convinced that Hyun-su has become possessed by the ghost of the couple's recently passed away downstairs neighbour, who was always complaining about the noise.

My Thoughts on Sleep

According to Sleep, there is a very thin line between sleep disorders and possession and the film keeps you guessing until the film's quite insane final chapter whether Hyun-su is possessed or if it is just paranoia caused by Soo-jin's growing insomnia. One thing that's for sure is that this film is not really for people who own a Pomeranian, since things don't end well for the couple's cute dog Pepper. That aside, Sleep is still a quite solid psychological horror film.

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