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So This is Christmas Hot Docs 2024

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A small Irish village has an unfortunate relationship with Christmas in . It is late November in a quiet Irish town and it'll soon be time for the most wonderful time of the year with everyone being of good cheer. However, this will not be the case for at least five of the townsfolk, as they deal with issues such as loneliness and financial insecurity.

So This Is Christmas Synopsis

So This is Christmas is a documentary directed by Ken Wardrop, which looks at the downside of the holiday season for residents of a small Irish village. The film's participants include Loretta Kelly, Annette Foran, Jason Phelan, and Mary Byrne, who all relate their stories about Christmas. The topics range from being part of an ultra-religious family and walking two miles to Midnight Mass to not being able to afford presents or an artificial tree.


My Thoughts on So This Is Christmas

So This Is Christmas begins with a moment of tongue-in-cheek irony, as a priest tries to incorporate Santa Claus into his sermon, only to be asked by one of the kids attending a mass “What does Santa have to do with Jesus?” Ken Wardrop creates a Christmas documentary that is anything but joyful and is downright depressing at times. However, the film is a reminder that this season is not a happy time for all.

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So This Is Christmas (2023)
Runtime:90 minutes
Director:Ken Wardrop
Production company:
A small village in Ireland who have an unfortunate relationship with Christmas.
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