Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!

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Morgan Spurlock makes his return to the fast food industry in . In the 13 years since Morgan Spurlock went on an all-McDonald's diet, fast food restaurants have presumably begun changing their ways, offering healthier menu items. As a way to see if things have really changed, Spurlock decides to open his own fast food restaurant, as well as farm his own eating chickens. As he embarks on this new entrepreneurial venture, Spurlock comes to realize that fast food restaurants claims are merely smoke and mirrors.

In 2004's Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock demonstrated how incredibly unhealthy fast food can be. In this new follow-up, Spurlock wants to see if the fast food industry has truly changed. This time around, Spurlock decides to become part of the problem and open up his own fast food restaurant. Deciding upon “crispy” chicken sandwiches, Spurlock figures that the best way to ensure quality is to farm his own chicken, which reveals a lot of shocking truths about where our food comes from.

Morgan Spurlock's target in Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! is less the fast food itself and more the marketing of such food using pleasing buzzwords. The film also dispels many myths about food production, while also revealing some shocking facts, such as how farmers are often mistreated by the five major “big chicken” corporations. When it is all said and done, Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! will likely leave you thinking twice about where your all natural free range chicken comes from.

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