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A family is tormented by an ancient being in . Sisters Rachel (Kate Alden) and Anna (Chelsea Farthing) live with their family in a small farming community. Curious about the past of her mother Linda (Tonya Skoog), Anna and her father Michael (Tony Doupe) uncover an old mysterious artifact. However, the artifact releases an ancient demonic being and Linda is killed after accidentally being run over by Rachel's boyfriend Matt (Jesse James). Two years later, Rachel and Anna return to the town for answers, only to find the townsfolk possessed by The Hollow One.

The Hollow One is a supernatural horror film about this ancient being, who is older than life, who desires to have his hollow and empty void be filled by the people of this small farm town. At the centre of all of this are sisters Rachel and Anna, who are full of despair and guilt over the tragic death of their mother two years earlier, which Rachel blames entirely on Matt. The two sisters hope to solve the mystery of what happened in their town and stop this ancient evil.

Frankly, The Hollow One turned out to be a very disappointing example of supernatural horror, which frankly didn't make all that much sense. The titular antagonist of the film is primarily represented through a disembodied voice, or visions of the girls' dead mother, which spouts nonsense about wanting to be shown God. When The Hollow One is shown in physical form, it's not a very spectacular design. In addition, the film can't really seem to find a way to satisfyingly resolve this story. Altogether, The Hollow One is a cliched supernatural horror film that is not at all scary and not really worth anyone's time.

3 / 10 stars
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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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