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A team of misfits gets mixed up in an intergalactic war in . Many years ago, a message was decoded from an alien race warning of an upcoming conflict. A unique suit of power was being sent to Earth to help protect the planet and a man named Adam () has trained for his entire life to be champion of Earth and save the planet. Unfortunately, the ship crashes in the town of Milford, Texas and various pieces of the suit are put on by delinquent teen Zach (Michael Jones), sheriff Hagan (Burnie Burns), ex football star Herman (Colton Dunn), and town idiot Woody (Gavin Free). With each gaining a unique power, the “Lazer Team” now become the only hope against the invading Worg race.

Lazer Team is the debut feature film by Rooster Teeth, who are best known for the Red vs. Blue web series. The film centres around four individuals, who don't exactly get along, who accidentally put on pieces of the Earth-saving super suit and hilarity ensues. With each only having one power of the suit, such as Zach's laser arm or Herman's super-speed boots, the four must learn to work together if they ever expect to save the planet.

The most simple description of Lazer Team is that it is a big dumb sci-fi comedy, which may remind some of 1999's Galaxy Quest. Rooster Teeth has a built-in fan base, which is sure to eat this film up, even though it's too much to handle at times, particularly when there's crude humour just for the sake of it. However, Lazer Team is not really a film that should be taken that seriously and it's just a goofy sci-fi adventure. Also, keep an eye out for a cameo by Barenaked Ladies' Ed Robertson.

7 / 10 stars
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Sean Patrick Kelly
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