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A woman and her young son experience strange occurrences at an seaside house in . Following the death of her husband, Beth (Danika Vandersteen) with her toddler son Lowen (Woodrow Graves) to her mother's seaside cottage at Silver Crescent Beach. Beth becomes acquainted with some of the locals, including seemingly friendly old man Joseph (Terrance Murray) and the garbage collecting Sam (Britt Loder). However, at night strange siren-like sound permeate in the house and something or someone has taken an interest in Lowen.

From director Seth A. Smith (Lowlife) comes a very surreal and meditative horror film. The Crescent is in no hurry to frighten the viewer, spending much time establishing the dynamic between Beth and her very cute 2-year old son Lowen. However, it isn't long until the tension begins to build, as a mysterious and possibly malevolent entity begins targeting Lowen.

The Crescent is pretty far away from being a conventional horror film, with the film being quite slow placed and akin to a mother/son drama. However, when the tension does start, it is unrelenting, probably thanks in no small part to the fact that it often involves Lowen, played by director Seth A. Smith's real life son, being put into peril. In addition, there are the many repeated visuals of paint marbling, which is just hypnotic to watch. While The Crescent might be too slow for those who prefer more visceral horror, the film is still a very fascinating and surreal fever dream.

9 / 10 stars


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