The Hyperborean – Blood in the Snow 2023

The Hyperborean Blood in the Snow Review
While a fun viewing experience with its laser blasting ice mummy, the film as a whole is a bit one note with a nonsensical plot.

The Hyperborean – Blood in the Snow 2023

Runtime: 01:34
A seasoned crisis manager navigates a dysfunctional family and their faltering whiskey company through a PR disaster involving triple homicide, Arctic ice mummies, and intergalactic moonshine.

A whiskey tycoon and his family uncover a long-buried laser-blasting ice mummy in . Hollis Cameron () calls his children Diana () and her husband Ian (), Rex () and his influencer partner Lovie (), and Aldous () over the weekend to discuss the future the Cameron Whiskey Empire. Part of the plan involves barrels of 170-year-old whiskey uncovered from the wreck of the ghost ship HMS Investigator. However, inside one of the barrels is the mummified remains of missing sailor John Boyle, who turns out to have supernatural cosmic abilities.

The Hyperborean Synopsis

The Hyperborean is a cosmic sci-fi horror film directed by Jesse Thomas Cook (Cult Hero) and written by Tony Burgess (Pontypool, Dreamland, The Hexecutioners). The story of the film is told as a flashback based on an interrogation being conducted on Diana, Rex, and Aldous by their father's lawyers and crisis manager Mr. Denbok (). At the core of this stranger-than-fiction tale is a “laser blasting ice mummy” uncovered in a barrel of 170-year-old whiskey and how the Cameron Family would never again be the same after this fateful night.

My Thoughts on The Hyperborean

Jesse Thomas Cook has been collaborating with Tony Burgeous for about a decade now on a wide range of films including 2013's Septic Man, 2015's The Hexecutioners, and 2018's The Hoard. It seems that for their latest collaboration, The Hyperborean, Cook and Burgeous came up with the idea of a laser-blasting ice mummy and tried to write the film around it. While the film does make for a fun viewing experience, The Hyperborean ends up being a little one-note, with the interrogation framing device added to the film after principal photography to try and make sense of the plot.

Trailer for The Hyperborean – Blood in the Snow 2023

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