The Ride Ahead – Hot Docs 2024

The Ride Ahead Hot Docs 2024
A very inspirational documentary about learning to live with your disability.

The Ride Ahead – Hot Docs 2024

Release Date: May 11, 2024
Runtime: 01:33
Samuel Habib, 21, wants to date, leave home, go to college. But he drives a 350-pound wheelchair, uses a communication device, and can have a seizure at any moment. Determined to find his path forward, he seeks out guidance from America’s most rebellious disability activists. Will they empower him to launch the bold adult life he craves?

Table of Contents

A young man with a GNAO1 Neurodevelopmental Disorder documents his own experiences living as someone with a disability in . Samuel Habib grew up with symptoms of cerebral palsy and epilepsy as a result of having a GNAO1 Neurodevelopmental Disorder. Despite his challenges, Samuel yearns to someday be able to live without the constant care of his parents. Samuel interviews other disability activists to help him achieve his dreams.

The Ride Ahead Synopsis

The Ride Ahead is a film directed by Samuel Habib, along with his father Dan Habib, and is an expansion of his 2022 short film My Disability Roadmap. Now in his 20s, Samual wants to learn about living on his own, finding a career, and dating and sex. In an attempt to learn how to live independently, Samuel interviews other disability advocates including cerebral palsy-diagnosed standup comedian Maysoon Zayid, wheelchair-bound Broadway actress Ali Stroker, and longtime disability rights advocate Judy Heumann. In his quest for independence, Samuel has to deal with ableist strangers treating him like a child, health issues involving his Baclofen pump and adjusting to life attending college.

My Thoughts on The Ride Ahead

The Ride Ahead is a very inspirational documentary, where Samuel Habib gets to tell his story from his perspective. This includes filming with a camera affixed to his wheelchair and providing narration using the text-to-speech software he uses to communicate. The ultimate message of The Ride Ahead is that Samuel Habib never wishes to be without his disability and is instead learning to be able to live with his challenges.

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