The Roundup: No Way Out

The Roundup: No Way Out

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The hart-hitting police sergeant is back for another round in . Sergeant Ma Seok-do (Don Lee) is investigating a murder that seems to be tied to a recently reported drug known as Hiper. The drug is traced to corrupt cop Joo Seong-Cheol (Jun-hyuk Lee), who has been working with the Yakuza to distribute the drug. However, Joo Seong-Cheol plans on betraying his Japanese suppliers, leading to the arrival of the Yakuza assassin Ricky (Aoki Munetaka).

The Roundup: No Way Out Synopsis

The Roundup: No Way Out is the third film starring Don Lee (Train to Busan, Eternals) as Sergeant Ma Seok-do, following 2018's The Outlaws and last year's The Roundup. Lee Sang-yong returns to direct the latest case for Ma Seok-do, who is a man with the habit of hitting first and asking questions later. This time around, Ma Seok-do and his team are tracing a new drug, which is tied to the murder of a police officer.


My Thoughts on The Roundup: No Way Out

Even though he is probably still best known to North American audiences for his roles in Train to Busan and Eternals, Sergeant Ma Seok-do is fast becoming the signature character for Don Lee. Ma Seok-do's habit of viciously beating criminals adds a level of dark comedy to this police procedural. Ultimately, if you enjoyed either The Outlaws or The Roundup, The RoundUp: No Way Out offers more of the same with the promise of further adventures to come.

Trailer for The Roundup: No Way Out

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The Roundup: No Way Out (2023)
Runtime:105 minutes
Director:Lee Sang-yong
Country:South Korea
Ma Suk Do
Joo Seong-Cheol
Tomo's Subordinate 2
Jung Da-Wit
Hwang Dong-Goo
Genres:Action, Crime, Thriller
Production companies:
Seven years after the roundup in Vietnam, Ma Seok-do joins a new squad to investigate a murder case. He soon starts to dig deeper when he finds out the case involves a synthetic drug and a gang of thugs.
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