Tin Can – Fantasia 2021


Tin Can – Fantasia 2021

As the world faces a deadly plague, a front-lines parasitologist is imprisoned in a life-suspension chamber. To escape she must destroy the last of her kind.

A parasitologist is kidnapped and placed in a life-suspension chamber in . There is a fungal outbreak known as Coral raging in Eastern Canada and Fret () is a leading parasitologist looking for a cure. However, Fret is suddenly attacked and she wakes up in a life-suspension chamber, surrounded by people in the same situation, including Fret's partner John (), along with Wayne () and Darcy (Amy Trefry). Fret becomes determined to escape this human-sized tin can and find out what has happened to the rest of the world.

Tin Can is a science fiction thriller from writer/director Seth A. Smith (The Crescent), which takes inspiration from films such as Cube, the early body horror of , and even Alexandre Aja's recent film Oxygen. The bulk of the plot takes place within the titular “tin can,” though the film features a number of flashbacks showing Fret's history with John and how she ended up being placed in a suspension trailer for an undetermined amount of time. The glimpses we get of the world outside the chamber show a dystopian-looking facility, where suited-up guards gather the infected and dispose of them in a brutal fashion.

I was a huge fan of Seth A. Smith's previous film The Crescent and I was looking forward to seeing what he did with his follow-up. While Tin Can features a well-constructed sci-fi world, the plot does get a little hard to follow, especially in the much more surreal second half of the film. Also, the film practically wastes the casting of Michael Ironside, who practically has a voice-over role in the film, only appearing on screen for like 5 minutes total. However, if you like your science fiction films on the very weird side, which also happens to comment a bit on the current COVID-19 pandemic, then Tin Can is worth checking out.

Tin Can streamed as part of the virtual 2021 Fantasia Film Festival

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Trailer for Tin Can – Fantasia 2021

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