Twice Colonized – Hot Docs 2023

Twice Colonized
Despite a slow pace, this documentary helps raise awareness about the effects of colonialism on the Inuit people.

Twice Colonized – Hot Docs 2023

Release Date: May 12, 2023
Runtime: 01:31
Renowned Inuit lawyer Aaju Peter who has led a lifelong fight for the rights of her people. When her youngest son unexpectedly passes away, Aaju embarks on a personal journey to bring her colonizers in both Canada and Denmark to justice.

Inuit lawyer Aaju Peter embarks on a journey to reclaim her language and culture in . Aaju Peter has made it her lifelong fight to campaign for the rights of Inuit people, particularly against opposition to the Inuit's hunting of seals. After her son suddenly dies of suicide, Aaju embarks on a journey to reclaim herself after twice being a colonization victim in Canada and Denmark.

Twice Colonized Synopsis

Twice Colonized is a documentary directed by Lin Alluna about renowned Inuit lawyer Aaju Peter. The film is produced by Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, who previously featured Aaju Peter in her 2016 documentary Angry Inuk, of which Twice Colonized can be seen as a de facto follow-up. The film sees Aaju Peter going on a personal journey of cultural reclamation after the sudden death of her youngest son.

My Thoughts on Twice Colonized

Before relocating to the Canadian Arctic, Aaju Peter was originally from Greenland. She experienced the effects of colonialism when she was sent off to live with a foster family in Denmark. Twice Colonized is a very personal journey about the long-term effects of colonialism, where Inuit people like Aaju Peter were stripped of their language and culture. This ties into the biggest issue of seal hunting bans that crashed the only economy for the Inuit. Ultimately, Twice Colonized is a more introspective film about colonialism, as opposed to Angry Inuk‘s Call to Action message.

Twice Colonized opens in theatres on May 12, 2023

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