Walking Supply – Blood in the Snow 2023

Walking Supply Blood in the Snow Review
Three men fight the wilderness and each other in this survival thriller, though it’s best knowing few specifics about the plot.

Walking Supply – Blood in the Snow 2023

Runtime: 01:30
After escaping a Russian labor camp, three men must overcome the treacherous wilderness and each other, as their journey home turns into a brutal fight for survival.

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Escapees from a Russian prison camp have to fend for survival in the wilderness in . Henry () is part of a group of American office workers kidnapped in St. Petersburg, Russia and sent to work in a Siberian Gulag. Henry's skills as an electrical engineer make him useful to his captors and also catch the attention of fellow American prisoners Kurt () and Anthony (). With Henry's help, the two orchestrate an escape and are joined in the wilderness by fellow prisoners Victor () and Brock (Dru Viergever), the former of whom ends up teaching Henry some survival skills. However, as Henry struggles to keep up with his fellow escapees, the true reason Kurt and Anthony brought him along comes to light.

Walking Supply Synopsis

Walking Supply is a wilderness survival film co-written and directed by stunt performer turned filmmaker Derek Barnes, based on his 2016 short film of the same name. The film stars James McDougall (Becky) as Henry Rutherford, a man who finds himself quite literally out of his element when he first finds himself imprisoned in a Russian labour camp and then becomes the odd man out when he joins Kurt and Anthony to escape through the wilderness. On this journey, Henry learns that he must do what he must to survive.

My Thoughts on Walking Supply

It is stated at one point by the Russian escapee Victor that “the Wilderness is our prison now.” I don't want to get too specific about certain aspects of the plot of Walking Supply, including the meaning of the film's title, though the film is ultimately about three men fighting against the elements and each other to survive. Particularly noteworthy is the evolution of the protagonist Henry from someone who at one point cries that he wants to go back to the Gulag to somebody willing to do what it takes to make it in this unforgiving wilderness.

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