We Feed People – Hot Docs 2022

We Feed People

We Feed People – Hot Docs 2022

A chronicle of how Andrés and his nonprofit rebuilds nations in the wake of disaster, providing healthy food to those affected.

Ron Howard directs a look into José Andrés' World Central Kitchen organization in . First becoming known as a celebrity chef, Spanish chef José Andrés put his culinary skills to humanitarian use by founding his organization World Central Kitchen. The organization's goal is to provide disaster relief by making meals for at least half a million people a day, a task that requires the help of local kitchens and food trucks.

We Feed People is a National Geography produced documentary directed by Ron Howard. The film follows Chef José Andrés' as he provides humanitarian relief in countries such as Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria in 2017. Chef Jose has to contend with the challenges of funding such a large operation, while also finding appropriate facilities to cook food that the locals like to eat.

There at one point in We Feed People where the role of chefs is to be able to operate in chaos. As such, José Andrés is able to seamlessly transition into the role of humanitarian. In fact, one of the points he makes in the film is that foods need to be treated as a national security issue with more government support. Overall, We Feed People is a solid look at José Andrés' quest to feed the people affected by disasters.

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