When Time Got Louder – Canadian Film Fest 2023

When Time Got Louder Canadian Film Fest 2023
The film struggles by simultaneously trying to be a heavy melodrama about autism and a lesbian coming-of-age romance.

When Time Got Louder – Canadian Film Fest 2023

Runtime: 01:54
Departing for college, Abbie leaves her parents and brother who has autism and is non-verbal. As she explores her independence and sexuality, she’s torn between her new life and her love for her brother

A young woman has to choose between her new life in college and the well-being of her autistic brother in . Abbie Peterson () has a very close relationship with her younger brother Kayden (), who has non-verbal autism. This causes a problem as Abbie leaves for college in California, and Kayden has trouble adapting under just the care of his parents, Tish () and Mark (). Abbie finds love at school when she meets Carly () at a party, but she soon fears that she may have to come home to help care for Kayden.

When Time Got Louder Synopsis

When Time Got Louder is a drama written and directed by Connie Cocchia starring Willow Shields (The Hunger Games) as Abbie Peterson, the closest person in the life of her autistic brother Kayden. Kayden doesn't adjust well to Abbie departing to California for school and his parents, played by Elizabeth Mitchell (LOST) and Lochlyn Munro (Riverdale), at one point consider sending Kayden to a group home. As Abbie explores her independence and sexuality in college, a horrible incident might forever change the family's plans.

My Thoughts on When Time Got Louder

When Time Got Louder simultaneously tries to be a very heavy melodrama about the struggles of raising someone with autism while also being a lesbian coming-of-age story, with these two sides often clashing with each other. While the ultimate message of the film is that autistic people deserve a chance, When Time Got Louder still features quite a bit of ableist dialogue and behaviour, including a very difficult-to-watch scene of assault. At least, When Time Got Louder had the good sense to cast someone on the autism spectrum as Kayden, albeit someone with Asperger's, as opposed to the full non-verbal autism depicted.

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