Where the Devil Roams – Fantasia 2023

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A family of murderous carnies travel the circuit in Depression-era American in . Maggie (Toby Poser), Seven (John Adams) and Eve (Zelda Adams) are family of travelling performers, barely making due in the dying carnival circuit. The family makes stops along the way looking for food and shelter, often resulting in bloodshed. Eve becomes enamoured with a macabre act performed by star magician Mr. Tibbs (Sam Rodd), who she discovers utilizes an occult spell. When a certain situation arises, Eve decides to utilize this dark magic for her family's act.


Where the Devil Roams – Synopsis

Where the Devil Roams is the latest feature film from the filmmaking family of John Adams, Toby Poser, Zelda Adams, and Lulu Adams, previously known for 2019's The Deeper You Dig and 2021's Hellbender. The Adams family stars as a family of travelling performers consisting of the bloodthirsty Maggie, traumatized war veteran Seven, and their daughter Eve, who is mute when she is not singing as part of the family's act. When the family's murderous behaviour catches up with them, Eve is forced to utilize occult magic, which in turn helps to make the family's act into a big hit.

My Thoughts on Where the Devil Roams

Where the Devil Roams starts off with a 1930s throwback-style featuring a performer narrating the titular poem that would would be repeated throughout the film. The period style is maintained throughout the main narrative, despite a very modern soundtrack performed by the Adams Famiy's band H6LLB6ND6R. While Where the Devil Roams is arguably not as strong as the mother-daughter witchcraft horror of the family's 2021 breakthrough Hellbender, the film still helps to continue to establish the Adams Family as indie horror filmmakers to watch.

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Where The Devil Roams (2023)
Runtime:93 minutes
Country:United States
Axe Girl
Master of Ceremonies
Banker Dashiell Gray
Farmer Ned
Nezumi Onna
Production company:
Traces a family of murderous sideshow performers as it travels around the world on the dying carnival circuit.
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