Wilfred Buck – Hot Docs 2024

Wilfred Buck Hot Docs 2024

Wilfred Buck – Hot Docs 2024

Release Date: May 24, 2024
Runtime: 01:37
An elderly member of the indigenous Cree people of Canada is our spiritual guide in a film that, like its charismatic protagonist, moves between past and present, and between Earth and the stars, to overcome the ghosts of colonization.

Table of Contents

A Cree survivor of colonial trauma finds solace in his passion for the stars in . Wilfred Buck had a traumatic upbringing, with his siblings being victims of the Sixties Scoop and his mother dying on the streets of Winnipeg. Today, Wilfred Buck is an astronomer and educator passionate about the stars.

Wilfred Buck Synopsis

Wilfred Buck is a biographical documentary about the Cree astronomer directed by Lisa Jackson. The film alternates between present-day footage of the elder Wilfred Buck and dramatized reenactments featuring narration from his autobiography I Have Lived Four Lives. At the core of the present-day story is preparations for the four-day Sundance ceremony.

My Thoughts on Wilfred Buck

Early on in Wilfred Buck, the narrator playing Buck's younger self describes his story as his “reality fiction.” That is an apt description for this film, which is a hybrid of present-day documentary and dramatization. Admittedly, I had difficulty tying in the dramatizations about Wilfred Buck's traumatic upbring to his modern life as an astronomer, other than he is perhaps better off today than he was in his youth.

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Sean Patrick Kelly
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