WTFilm Fest 2016: Space Breakers

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A group attempt to travel to an intergalactic paradise in . In 1991, the universe is a high technology utopia, where humanity is addicted to eating cream and perpetual body-modification. After seeing a commercial of an intergalactic space mall called the Biosphere, three bros (Zak Tatham, Aaron Mancyzk and Efehan Elbi) hijack a spacecraft with Zak's sister Tima for an intergalactic adventure towards this land of pleasure.

A comparison that is being used to describe Space Breakers, directed by the collective of JAZ, is that it is a mix of John Carpenter's Dark Star and John Water's Pink Flamingos. The film is indeed a sci-fi film made on a very shoestring budget, with the bulk of the film taking place on a spaceship set built in the basement of a video store, complete with VHS boxes visible on the shelves. The very cheap look of Space Breakers could be forgiven if the film actually had a story worth carrying about.

Space Breakers is a film for people who like to laugh at the only female character being “transmogrified” into a (fully nude) tattoo-wearing bro or the crew of the ship having to fend off attacking dildos. This juvenile and transgressive toilet humour resulted in Space Breakers being absolutely torturous for me to watch. Thank goodness the film is only 55 minutes long, even though it is 55 minutes that I'll never be able to get back.

1 / 10 stars
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