Hot Docs 2018: The Artist and the Pervert

The BDSM relationship between a famous Austrian composer and his kink educator wife are profiled in The Artist and the Pervert. Georg Friedrich Haas is one of the most performed living composers. In an article for the New York Times, it is made public that Georg has a master/slave relationship with his wife Mollena, who is an African American sex educator. This attracts a lot of criticism for being
non-feminist and supporting male patriarchy. However, Georg and Mollena share a loving relationship and have even started collaborating with each other.

In The Artist and the Pervert, filmmakers Beatrice Behn and René Gebhardt open the door to the BDSM relationship between Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas and his wife Mollena
Williams-Haas. With Mollena, Georg has been able to pursue the type of relationship he has been wanting to have for forty years, even though critics are quick to say that their master/slave dynamic should have “been left in the dark recesses of their plantation bedroom where it belongs.” Despite, the criticism, it is obvious that Georg and Mollena have a loving relationship, no matter how unconventional it may be.

It is said that it shouldn’t really matter what people do behind closed doors, though it unsurprisingly raises eyebrows that a white Austrian composer with Nazi parents would enter into a master/slave relationship with a black American woman. However, both Georg and Mollena have complex histories and their relationship with each other has brought balance into their lives. Even if you aren’t exactly a kinky person, there is enough in The Artist and the Pervert to relate to.

8 / 10 stars