Daddy – Hot Docs 2020

A former anthropologist reflects on his life as a stay at home father in Daddy. Brendan Cooney is a former anthropologist and journalist, who moved to Copenhagen after meeting and marrying his wife Ida. Unable to find a job due to the inability to speak Danish, Brendan settles for a life a stay-at-home father to his two kids Hannah and Luke. Doing so Brendan reflects on the brutality of child-rearing and his own memories of being abandoned by his mother.

Running at a quite brisk 50 minutes, Daddy is a meditation on fatherhood by Brendan Cooney and co-director and cinematographer Lars Emil Leonhardt. Shot over the course of six years, Daddy is a primarily observational look at Brendan caring for his two kids, while his narration reflects on what being a father means to him. Other than a few humorous moments, Daddy is a very introspective and artistic film filled with many close-ups. This is probably a film that you’d react to better if you are a parent yourself, but Daddy is still an interesting reflection on fatherhood.

Daddy is streaming until June 24, 2020, as part of the online 2020 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

Daddy – Hot Docs 2020


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