Indie Spotlight: Honeymoon

honeymoon Indie Spotlight is a series focusing on reviews of independent films A newly wed couple’s romantic getaway descends into chaos in the thriller Honeymoon.  Bea (Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie) and Paul (Penny Dreadful’s Harry Treadaway) have just gotten married and travel to Bea’s family cottage in the Canadian wilderness for their honeymoon.  With no one else around, this is the perfect opportunity for this newlywed couple to spend some quality time together.  One night, Bea disappears from bed and Paul finds her alone in the woods.  Even though she claims that she was just sleepwalking, Bea now seems like a completely different person to Paul, than the girl he has married. Honeymoon is a pretty well constructed relationship thriller, which plays into fears that you don’t really know the person that you choose to spend your life with.  Bea and Paul seem to be the perfect young couple, who have the rest of their lives ahead of them.  While Paul initially worries Bea by prematurely bringing up kids, the couple seem to be looking forward to a perfect couple of days together. Things start to seem awry when Paul and Bea enter a restaurant and run into Bea’s old childhood friend Will (Ben Huber).  Something is not right with this reunion, particularly in the strange behaviour of Will’s wife Annie (Hanna Brown).  When Bea disappears and starts behaving in a similar strange fashion, Paul automatically assumes that Will might have something to do with this change, even though that might not be actually the case. It does not take long to figure out what happens to Bea, since the film heavily hints what’s going on in the area, long before she disappears in the middle of the night.  However, the film is less about what exactly happened to Bea and more about the metaphor that her sudden change in personality represents.  Save for a wedding video introduction to the couple, there is not much known about Paul and Bea’s relationship prior to them getting married.  Being a relatively young couple, it can be safe to assume that they wed without considering the realities of married life, as evidenced by Bea’s scare when Paul brought up kids.  With Bea pretty much becoming an entirely different person, Paul is now freaking out that he married someone that he doesn’t really know. Honeymoon is quite an effective thriller, which is entirely dependent on the chemistry between Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway, who are the only characters for the bulk of the film.  I would definitely recommend giving this one a watch. 8 | LIKED IT Honeymoon opens today at the Carlton Cinema