My Thoughts on The Incredible Hulk

It’s a bit of a risk rebooting a franchise in only it’s second film, but since they retained a few of the plot elements from Ang Lee’s 2003 original, it wasn’t that noticeable.

One thing about this film that it was hard for me not to talk about was recognizing the Toronto locals the film was shot in. I think I already talked about how poorly disguised Yonge St was as Harlem (all they did was add the Apollo theatre and they kept all the Yonge landmarks in full view). All this was seen during the climatic battle scene between the Hulk and Abomination (and it was neat watching this scene while I watch the film in the new AMC theatre located less than two blocks away from where this was filmed).

The other recognizable location in this film (though not as distracting) was the University of Toronto substituting as a fictional University in the film, which also features one of the films major action scenes.

Toronto locations aside, I don’t know how I would compare this film with the original. I think there were things I liked and didn’t liked about both. The Incredible Hulk was probably not the best Hulk film they could make, but I think it was still good enough. The final battle was definitely worth the price of admission alone (poorly disquised locals aside).