TADFF19: Mutant Blast

Mutant Blast
Mutant Blast (2018) 1h 23min | Action, Comedy, Horror | 17 October 2019 (Portugal) Summary: Maria, a fearless soldier, and TS-347, a man with superhuman strength, are being pursued by a military cell responsible for scientific experiments that have resulted in a zombie apocalypse.... See full summary »
Countries: USA, PortugalLanguages: Portuguese

Failed experiments at a military complex results in a mutant-filled zombie apocalypse in Mutant Blast. After an accident at a military complex, failed super-soldier test subjects, who happen to look and act like zombies, escape into the world. 28 hours later, Pedro (Pedro Barão Dias) awakes in an apocalyptic world and joins solder Maria (Maria Leite). However, when ten nuclear bombs go off, in an effort to destroy the zombies, it results in a number of hideous mutations. In addition, Pedro and Maria find themselves pursued by the monstrous super solder TS-504 (Joaquim Guerreiro).

Mutant Blast is a new film from Troma Entertainment and is the feature film debut but Portuguese filmmaker Fernando Alle. In typical Troma fashion, Mutant Blast is an ultra-gory B-movie filled with many non-sequiturs (and a brief zombied cameo by Lloyd Kaufman). In fact, the film eventually moves away from the zombie apocalypse premise and focuses more on the mutants, particularly a giant French lobsterman named Jean-Pierre (João Vilas), who really does not like dolphins.

Mutant Blast

It there is one thing you can’t deny about Mutant Blast, it’s that the film is a blast to watch with a crowd. While the plot of the film might not make a lick of sense at times, it is fun watching scenes such as a giant rat attack or having lobsterman Jean-Pierre facing off against a samurai sword-wielding mutant dolphin. If you are a fan of the films from Troma Entertainment, Mutant Blast is the film for you.