TIFF19: Crazy World

Crazy World

Child kidnappers have to contend with the “Waka Stars” in Crazy World. The Tiger Mafia, lead by the diminutive Mr. Big, need to kidnap kids for a sacrifice. While the kids’ parents, which includes a commando gone crazy and Uganda’s best action cop Bruce U, try to stage a rescue, it is soon discovered that the Tiger Mafia is no match for the martial arts action skills of the Waka Stars!

Crazy World is the third of director IGG Nabwana’s “Wakaliwood” action films to be localized for a Western audience, following Who Killed Captain Alex? and Bad Black. Originally produced in 2014, Crazy World stars Nabwana’s own kids as the “Waka Stars,” who are able to fight back against their kidnappers. As always, the action is accompanied by commentary by the “Video Joker” Emmie, who was live in theatre during the Midnight Madness screening of the film.

Crazy World is the type of film that I would say is immune to conventional film criticism. While this film, like the other Wakaliwood productions, is a film made for practically nothing in the slums of Uganda, the pure passion of IGG Nabwana is present all throughout the brisk 63 minutes running time. If you are lucky enough to see Crazy World theatrical with live Video Joker commentary, do not pass up that once in a lifetime opportunity.