Revisiting 1982 – Porky’s


is time for the fourth entry in my year-long series in which I revisit some of the most classic films to be released 30 years ago in the year 1982 (the year of my birth).

A few year's ago I went to the Toronto Reference Library and I looked the Toronto Star from the day I was born (April 10, 1982) on microfilm.  Naturally, I looked in the entertainment section to see what was playing at the time and one of the big films at office was the sex comedy Porky's.  As such, the film is be the subject of this month's discussion, which as always may include SPOILERS.

Let's Begin.


The film is pretty much the 80s version of American Pie as a bunch of kids (who looked WAY too by the way) try to find ways to get themselves laid (with the main character Pee Wee being the most desperate).  It might be because I'm now in my 30s and am no longer in the horny teenager demographic, but I found many of the shenanigans in this movie to be very juvenile.  That said, the characters did grow on me as the film went on and I was rooting for Pee Wee to finally make his conquest, which doesn't happen until literally the end of the film's run time (the plot continues as the credits roll).

The title of the film is in reference to a stripclub that the kids visit a couple times throughout the movie.  Porky is a big fat redneck slob, who humiliates the kids on their visit to the club, with the help of his sheriff .  The scene at Porky's club happens fairly early in the film and doesn't become a factor again until the end of the film when the kids decide to get on Porky.  As such, it's probably a bit much to actually name the film Porky's, though you could also say that the title is a good reference to the sexual nature of the film.

Speaking of which, even though the film does feature some strong sexual content, it can probably be considered quite tame by today's standards.  In fact, there are only really like two major scenes of sexual content (both of which happen in close proximity with each other).  There is of course the peeping tom shower scene that's heavily advertised on the film's poster, which is definitely the film's most gratuitous scene (and it ends with an action that will make most cringe).  A more humourous scene comes from a young Kim Cattrall and howling orgasms that echo throughout the school (it was actually quite humourous).

Before I end my discussion, I should probably talk about the¬†notoriety¬†this film has. ¬†Despite the fact that the film was made in the U.S. and has American actors, because of the fact that the film had a Canadian production company, Porky's¬†was considered to be the top grossing Canadian film for 24 years, when its record was broken by Bon Cop, Bad Cop¬†in 2006. ¬†I wonder how proud Canadians are of Porky's. ūüėõ

Well, that ends my discussion of the film.  Next month it will be time for some swords and sorcery as I watch Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the .

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