TIFF07: Volunteering finished until next year

Before I continue with this log, I just want to make a quick note that because I have been leaving early and coming home late all week I didn't have time to post my thoughts on films as I saw them. As such, I will post all my thoughts at during my festival wrap- on Sunday.

Now for my final volunteer shift.

was very low key today. It was a night shift, which I kind of regretted since I was exhausted seeing 8 films over the last three days (getting up early didn't help either).

Over half of my shift was spent sitting outside a film in progress, which didn't really help my fatigue.

The second half of my shift consisted of me being a counter for a repeat screening of Dario Argento's Mother of Tears from the Midnight Madness programme (on of three MM repeat screenings that were happening tonight). An interesting thing that occurred during this job was that me and the other volunteers got into a brief conversation with the directors of tomorrow's Midnight Madness screening (À l'intérieur), who had come to watch the film tonight.

I signed out just , helped myself to a free muffin, and received my final voucher, which I will redeem tomorrow for a film.

And that's the end of my time as a Film Festival volunteer until next year.

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