Hot Docs 2021: Wrap-Up

This was the second virtual edition of the Hot Docs Film Festival and I do have to make note of how much of a challenge it is to cover a film festival remotely. While I do hope that Hot Docs returns to cinemas for its 2022 edition, I still managed to see a decent number of documentaries. So, without further ado, here is my Hot Docs 2021 Wrap-Up!

Top Ten Favourite Films

  1. The Sparks Brothers
  2. Fanny: The Right to Rock
  3. Subjects of Desire
  4. Rockfield : The Studio on the Farm
  5. I’m Wanita
  6. Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mystery
  7. WeWork: or The Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn
  8. A.rtificial I.mmortality
  9. Lady Buds
  10. Viral

Honorable Mentions

Least Favourite Film

Wish I’d Seen

  • Still Max
  • Hell or Clean Water

Number of Films Seen

  • 24
    • 21 – Screeners
    • 3 – Hot Docs @ Home

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