What I Watched – June 25 – July 1

It was a busy week for movie watching to say the least:

  • Clearcut – First Viewing (Cinema) – Definitely one the Graham Greene’s more crazy roles.
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – First Viewing (Cinema) – Decent enough for a historical drama with vampires.
  • The Artist – Rewatch (Blu-Ray) – Still has a square aspect ratio. ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Juan of the Dead – First Viewing (Cinema) – Excellent Cuban zombie comedy.
  • The Pact – First Viewing (Cinema) – So, so haunted house film.
  • Louis C.K.: Chewed – First Viewing (Netflix) – Not really my type of comedy
  • Jaws – Rewatch (Cinema) – Excellent on the big screen
  • Rambo – Rewatch (Blu-Ray) – The hyper-violent climax is awesome
  • Ted – First Viewing (Cinema) – Decent comedy
  • First Blood – First Viewing (Cinema) – A surprisingly somber film
  • Joe Rogen: Live – First Viewing (Netflix) – Slightly better comedy (still not my cup of tea)

Sean Kelly Author

Sean Patrick Kelly is a self-described รผber-geek, who has been an avid film lover for all his life. He graduated from York University in 2010 with an honours B.A. in Cinema and Media Studies and he likes to believe he knows what heโ€™s talking about when he writes about film (despite occasionally going on pointless rants).