What I Watched – September 28-October 4

October is upon us, so it’s time I dust off the horror films in my DVD collection and have a mini HorrorFest for myself.  I always try to make it a mix of films I’ve watched many times and films I am watching for the first time.  I’ve made a list on Letterboxd, which will track the films in my HorrorFest as I watch them.  Of course, I’ll still watch non-horror films this month as well. Anyways, here is what I watched:

  • Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic – First Time (Cinema) – A mix of stand-up comedy and sketches, this film is VERY politically incorrect, yet quite entertaining.
  • Looper – First Time (Cinema) – One fun mind twister of a movie
  • The Story of Film: An Odyssey – Episodes 3&4 – First Time (Cinema) – We are just over a quarter through now.
  • October HorrorFest: Thir13en Ghosts – Rewatch (DVD) – Not the best film in terms of story, but it makes for some great late-night viewing.
  • October HorrorFest: Army of Darkness – First Viewing (OnDemand) – When it comes to seeing films from the Evil Dead series for the first time, I probably shouldn’t have started with the campiest entry (though it’s still decent).
  • October HorrorFest: Devil – Rewatch (Blu-Ray) – Sadly people ignored this fun little thriller due to its association with M Night Shyamalan (who produced it).

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