Fantasia 2016: Karaoke Crazies

An isolated karaoke bar sees a sudden upswing in business in Karaoke Crazies. Sung-Wook (Moon-Sik Lee) is a depressed and lonely man, who runs the “Addiction Karaoke” bar in the middle of nowhere. Needing a new helper, Sung-Wook hires Ha-Suck (Bae So-eun), a mysterious woman who enters his bar one day. While initially a detriment to business, Ha-Suck’s unique talents causes a sudden boom in business and the need to hire a second helper named Na-Ju (Kim Na-Mi). However, a serial killer terrorizing the area threatens to derail the success of this karaoke bar.

Karaoke Crazies is a darkly humorous film, taking place at a karaoke bar in the middle of nowhere. Haunted by past tragedy, Sung-Wook spends most of his time sitting at his desk and following asleep in front of porn videos. However, business suddenly picks up at this little karaoke bar when new helper Ha-Suck decides to ensure that the clientele receive exceptional service. Combined with the work of “professional karaoke helper” Na-Ju, this little karaoke bar truly becomes addictive.

Karaoke Crazies is for the most part a very lighthearted film that isn’t really meant to be taken all that seriously. While the film does feature some darker content later on, the plot of Karaoke Crazies isn’t particularly that deep and the film as a whole is mostly a lark. In fact the serial killer plot, which is the source of the bulk of the conflict, seems somewhat shoehorned into the story. However, Karaoke Crazies is still a breezy watch.

7 / 10 stars

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