Podcast: Interviews – Cast and Crew of Secret Santa

It’s time for a holiday episode of the Sean Kelly on Movies podcast as I dig into my interview archives and post an interview I did with the cast and crew of the holiday slasher film Secret Santa, which screened at the 2015 Blood in the Snow Film Festival and is being released today on […]

Q&A: Producer Christopher Giroux and Co-Star Annette Wozniak on Bite

The Canadian body horror film Bite is released today on DVD and Blu-Ray by United Front Entertainment and Black Fawn Distribution. Last fall, I talked to producer Christopher Giroux and co-star Annette Wozniak before Bite‘s final public screening at the 2015 Blood in the Snow Film Festival. Of the subjects covered, there was quite about of discussion about Bite‘s […]

Q&A: Chris Trebilcock on The Dark Stranger

The fantastical horror film The Dark Stranger is released today at Cineplex Yonge and Dundas. Last fall, when the film played as part of the Blood in the Snow Film Festival, I had a chance to talk with director Chris Trebilcock about his motivations behind The Dark Stranger. What’s the film about? It’s about a young woman […]

BITS 2015: Wrap-Up

I’ve been covering the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival for three out out its four years of existence. If nothing else, this festival has turned into an event for Canadian indie horror filmmakers to show off their latest films, while also networking with other filmmakers. The Blood in the Snow brand will be […]

BITS 2015: Pre-Film Shorts

The shorts that preceded the films at the 2015 Blood in the Snow Film Festival included mirror images, voodoo dolls, dark Christmas tales, and urban legends. Here is my rundown of the Blood in the Snow pre-film shorts. Chiral Hank (Nelson Leis) is an art-dealer hosting a gallery opening. He chases after a thief who […]

BITS 2015: Short Film Showcase

The short showcase for the 2015 Blood in the Snow Film Festival featured everything from monster vigilantes to killer salesmen to mermaids. Here is my rundown of the seven shorts that played as part of this showcase. Birthday A woman becomes a sacrifice to give birth to a powerful being.  Without a doubt, Birthday is a […]

BITS 2015: White Raven

A camping trip takes a turn for the worse in White Raven. Jake (Aaron Brooks), Dan (Shane Twerdun), Kevin (Andrew Dunbar), and Pete (Steve Bradley) are four friends going on a weekend trip of camping and drinking. All the men are leaving behind stressful situations in their lives, with the hope that this weekend will be […]

BITS 2015: She Who Must Burn

A counselor at an abortion clinic is tormented by a group of religious zealots in She Who Must Burn. Angela (Sarah Smyth) is a counselor at a planned parenthood clinic, who refuses to leave after the Government pulls out. Despite receiving support from her police officer boyfriend Mac (Andrew Moxham), Angela’s stance creates a very […]

BITS 2015: Save Yourself

A group of five female filmmakers find themselves tormented at an isolated farmhouse in Save Yourself. Following a film premiere, director Crystal Lacroix (Tristan Risk), producer Dawn Sommerville (Lara Mrkoci), screenwriter Lizzy Miller (Caleigh Le Grand), and actress sisters Kim and Sasha Tobin (Jessica Cameron and Tianna Nori) are on their way to Los Angeles for their next screening. […]

BITS 2015: The Dark Stranger

A depressed artist is tormented by a vengeful spirit in The Dark Stranger. Since the tragic death of her mother, Leah Garrison (Katie Findlay) has been suffering from severe depression and agoraphobia, with her father Brendan (Enrico Colantoni) encouraging Leah to start drawing again. One day, Leah mysteriously gains the inspiration to draw a graphic novel inspired […]