Review: Call Me by Your Name

A teenage boy develops a relationship with his father’s research assistant in Call Me by Your Name. Elio (Timothée Chalamet) is a 17 year old boy living with his archaeologist father (Michael Stuhlbarg) and mother (Amira Casar) in Northern Italy. In the summer of 1983, graduate student Oliver (Armie Hammer) comes to live with the family, […]

Review: The Final Year

Barack Obama’s foreign policy team are followed during the administration’s final year in office in The Final Year. During the Obama administration final 12 months in office, a documentary crew has unprecedented access as they follow Secretary of State John Kerry, UN Ambassador Samantha Power, and Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes as they embark on their duties. With […]

Review: Return to… Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA. Vol 2

From Troma Entertainment comes the conclusion of the two part re-imagining of the original 1986 film with Return to… Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA. Vol 2. Picking up directly where the first volume leaves off, Tromaville High School students Chrissy Goldberg (Asta Paredes) and Lauren (Catherine Corcoran) become privy to a plan by the evil Tromorganic Foodstuffs Conglomerate […]

Review: In the Fade

A grief-stricken woman seeks justice for the death of her family in In the Fade. Katja Sekerci (Diane Kruger) is a woman living in Hamburg, married to Turkish ex-con Nuri (Numan Acar). Katja’s world falls apart when a bomb blast kills Nuri and their 5 year old son Rocco. Dealing with prejudice about her husband’s drug […]

Canada’s Top Ten 2017: The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches

A repressed young woman uncovers her family’s dark secrets in The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches. In 1930s rural Quebec, a young woman (Marine Johnson) and her brother (Antoine L’Écuyer) are raised alone by their authoritarian father (Jean-François Casabonne). After their father hangs himself one night, the two siblings are left to […]

Streaming Review: The Polka King

A popular polka musician gets rich through a Ponzi scheme in The Polka King. Jan Lewan (Jack Black) is a Polish immigrant, who has become one of the most popular polka players in Pennsylvania. Jan is married to former beauty queen Marla (Jenny Slate) and is best friends with his band’s clarinetist Mickey (Jason Schwartzman). In order to […]

Canada’s Top Ten 2017: Unarmed Verses

A girl living in a community housing project learns to develop her own voice in Unarmed Verses. Francine Valentine is a teenage girl living with her father and grandmother in a community housing project in the north of Toronto, which is in the midst of a “revitalization” plan. Francine participates in a songwriting program put on […]

Canada’s Top Ten 2017: Allure

An emotionally unstable woman develops an unlikely connection in Allure. Laura Drake (Evan Rachel Wood) is a woman who struggles to find a connection in her life. Working as a house cleaner for her father William (Denis O’Hare), Laura begins working at the house of Nancy (Maxim Roy) and becomes infatuated with Nancy’s 16 year old […]

Review: All the Money in the World

An oil tycoon refuses to pay the ransom for his kidnapped grandson in All the Money in the World. John Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer) is an incredibly successful oil tycoon, who made billions drilling and shipping oil from the Saudi desert. In 1973, Getty’s 16 year old grandson John Paul Getty III (Charlie Plummer) is kidnapped […]

Canada’s Top Ten 2017: LUK’LUK’I

This review was originally published as part of my coverage of TIFF 2017 The stories of five Vancouverites are told under the backdrop of the 2010 Winter Olympics in LUK’LUK’I. It’s February 28, 2010 and the puck is about to drop on the Gold Medal hockey game between Canada and the USA. However, away from the […]