Canada's Top Ten: My Thoughts on The End of Time

theendoftimeThe End of Time is not an easy film to describe.  The best way to put it is that the film is a somewhat experimental documentary about time and how different people from around the world conceive of it.  The film is a mix of philosophical narration, interviews, and nature shots.  In fact the nature shots, which include flowing lava and ants, is really quite hypnotic and I could spend hours watching the footage.  I guess that’s the point really, since time seems to flow faster or slower depending on how you spend it. Towards the end of the film, things take a psychedelic turn with a lot of abstract sounds and images.  It is at this point the documentary fully turns avant garde and may be viewed as a turn-off for some people expecting something a bit more cohesive.  Over, The End of Time was an interesting, if not totally comprehensible, documentary about the meaning of time. I also have to say that I think that the best opinion on time was saved for the very end.8 | LIKED IT