DVD Pick of the Day: Scream 4


Just in time for the Halloween season, today I picked up  on Blu-Ray.  I was hoping to find the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack that is apparently available in the States, however I suppose Alliance (the Canadian distributor) didn't want to follow suit.  I probably could have just ordered the combo pack from Amazon if I wanted, but that would mean waiting at least a week for it to ship.  So, I'm more than happy with just the Blu-Ray.

Despite no standard DVD in the package, the disc still features the standard special features (which is actually a bit of a rarity with Scream DVD releases if I think about it).  Features include a commentary, deleted and extended scenes, a gag reel, a making of featurette, and a video game teaser.

Blu-Ray/DVD Combo – $19.99 (US)
Blu-Ray – $24.99 (CND)
Standard DVD – $19.99 (CND), $15.49 (US)
Film Thoughts: A very satisfying return for the series.
Film Rating: 10/10

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