BITS 2014 Interview: Matt O'Mahoney on Bloody Knuckles

bloodyknuckles The horror comedy Bloody Knuckles ended winning three awards at the 2014 Blood in the Snow Film Festival, including Best Film, Best Screenplay, and Best Special FX.  During the festival, I sat down with writer/director Matt O'Mahoney to ask a few questions about the film. Sean Kelly: Tell me what is about? Matt O'Mahoney: Bloody Knuckles is a film about an underground comic book artist, who kind of revels in the obscene and the offensive. He does a new comic about a notorious local figure and this notorious local figure sees and doesnt take too kindly too it and decides to saw off the artists drawing hand as retribution.  So, the comic book artist becomes kind of a shell of his former self and as a result he gives up on his comics and everything. So, his hand returns from the grave to set him straight. Sean: What are your inspirations for the film? Matt: I was inspired by a lot of the wacky, absurd horror-comedies of the 80s like Re-Animator, Street Trash, and Evil Dead II definitely was a big one. So, films like that. Thats what I was trying to capture the spirit. Sean: What was the best thing about the production of the film? Matt: The best thing about the production? I have to say probably overall that the best thing was working with a crew of people and a cast of people that got the project and understood it and loved it and were all on board and shared my vision for it and really worked hard to get it done. It was a touch shoot, so they all stuck with it. So, that was probably the best thing that I took away from it. Sean: And most frustrating thing? Matt: The most frustrating thing was lack of budget, things that dont get done that need to get done and then on the day theyre not there, locations through, stuff like that. That was very frustrating. Sean: Whats the one thing you want people to know about the film? Matt: Its a fun ride of a movie. Its got a bit of an anti-censorship message and I want people to take that away from the film, but I really just want people to have a time watching the movie. Sean: So, what your thoughts about having the film at Blood in the Snow? Matt: I am totally psyched that they decided to show it. Thats where you want to go. You want to go to festivals that have audiences that respond to these types of films. Its great that they provide this forum and Im really proud to be a part of it.

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