BITS 2014 Interview: Adam O'Brien on Insane

insane Even though I managed to cover the majority of the films that played at Blood in the Snow, one film that I sadly missed was the short film Insane.  However, that didnt stop me from having a few words at the festival with the films director O'Brien. Sean Kelly: Describe the film. Adam O'Brien: Insane is about a young director going on a location scout in an abandoned hospital and unfortunately wakes a ghost and everything breaks loose that. That is pretty much what is about. Sean: What are some of your inspirations behind the film? Adam: Well, I to do something based on true events, so I took three different parts of stories that were real and just put it and I made the script with that. So, its basically based on a true story of a nurse, name was Mary Weaver, who committed suicide in 1925 in a sanitarium, because the doctor killed her baby. Another story was about another doctor, who performed a lot of experiments in the sanitarium and another sanitarium was haunted, so I just put it all together. Sean: What was the most challenging thing about the production? Adam: The cold. I shot it in Montreal, it was -40 outside, it was cold as hell, and it was challenging. Even if everything was shot , because it was abandoned, there was not full heat everywhere. So, it was very, very freezing inside. Also, trying to do a twenty minute film in three days was another challenge and using the schedule was a little crazy. When you are in an abandoned hospital with a lot of windows, you cannot start at six in the morning and just say OK, lets do that, because there is too much light. I would need to start at 3pm and finish around 3am, so that was tough. Sean: Whats one thing you want people to know about the film? Adam: Its just fun. Its just having a time. I hope people get a good scare at a certain point, but most of it has been more about entertaining the audience. Sean: So, what are your thoughts on the film screening at Blood in the Snow? Adam: Well, its a great opportunity. Seriously, its very awesome here. People are great. I think its a very great festival, for its second [sic] year, its amazing. What I about this festival? They care about you. They care about your film, they promote your film, they promote yourself, and they love horror movies. And its Canadian! Every movies Canadian movies here, so its fun!

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