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We spoke via Zoom with Caitlyn Sponheimer, the writer, director, producer, and co-star of the coming-of-age drama Wild Goat Surf, now playing in limited release, distributed by Vortex Media.

Wild Goat Surf Synopsis

Set in a rundown Penticton, Okanagan Valley RV park during the summer of 2003, Goat, a surfing-obsessed, thirteen-year-old skater girl, navigates the unbridled, unstructured, summer days of youth, dreaming about becoming a surfer like her deceased father. While her mother sublets their rental unauthorized and takes on two jobs during the bustling summer months, Goat is left to her own devices; coping with grief through rambunctious actions that soon go too far.

Caitlyn Sponheimer Interview Timecodes

00:00 Introduction

00:21 Caitlyn Sponheimer on how she got the idea for WILD GOAT SURF

01:14 Finding the right girl to play Goat in WILD GOAT SURF

02:50 The casting of Nate and his friendship with Goat

05:10 The relationship between Jane and Goat in WILD GOAT SURF

06:51 Caitlyn Sponheimer on whether she believes Jane is oblivious to Goat's petty crimes

09:14 The importance of the RV in WILD GOAT SURF

10:45 Caitlyn Sponheimer on Jane's big moment in WILD GOAT SURF

12:45 What Caitlyn Sponheimer hopes audiences take away from WILD GOAT SURF

13:54 Conclusions

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Catch The Wave: Interview With Caitlyn Sponheimer On Wild Goat Surf! Video Podcast