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Sean Kelly Interviews - Fantasia 2018 - Chuck Steel and

InterviewsFantasiaChuckSteelandTheRanger is my second Sean Kelly Interviews podcast from the 2018 Fantasia Film Festival. In this episode I talk to director Michael Mort aboutChuck Steel: Night of the Trampires, followed by a discussion with director Jen Wexler, producerHeather Buckley, and actorsChloe Levine andJeremy Holm aboutThe Ranger. It's a jam packed episode, so I hope it is one that you enjoy! 00:20 – Introductory Comments 00:56 – Interview with Michael Mort aboutChuck Steel: Night of the Trampires 04:57 Transitional Comments 05:32 – Interview with Jen Wexler, Heather Buckley, Chloe Levine, and Jeremy Holm about The Ranger 17:27 – Closing Comments

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