Baby Assassins 2 Babies – Fantasia 2023

Baby Assassins 2 Babies
This sequel is essentially more of the same, but has some enjoyable action scenes.

Baby Assassins 2 Babies – Fantasia 2023

Runtime: 01:42
Chisato and Mahiro were banned from performing tasks because they violated the organization’s rules. Needing money to make ends meet, they resumed their days as part-time workers. Suddenly two other assassins are after them.

The teenage assassins are back and have met their match in . Now full time assassins, Chisato () and Mahiro () are surprised to find they have outstanding bills for a gym membership they only used once. While at the bank to pay these fees, the two teenage assassins ends up foiling a bank robbery, leading to their suspension from the assassins guild. Meanwhile, brothers Makoto () and Yuri () target Chisato and Mahiro with the hopes of taking their place in the guild.

Baby Assassins 2 Babies Synopsis

Baby Assassins 2 Babies is the sequel to the 2021 original once again written and directed by Yugo Sakamoto with action choreography by Kensuke Sonomura. The film starts with the titular assassins Chisato and Mahiro being suspended from their job killing people and forced to once again take menial jobs. The two end up taking jobs as animal mascots for a carnival attraction, though Chisato ends up losing all her earnings betting on Shogi games. However, the two soon find themselves tailed by rookie assassins Makoto and Yuri, who want to take the girls' place.

My Thoughts on Baby Assassins 2 Babies

As was the case with the first film, the highlight of Baby Assassins 2 Babies are the action scenes. Some of the notable fights in the film include Chisato and Mahiro getting into a marital arts fight with each other dressed in animal costumes, as well as the final shootout with the girls against Makoto and Yuri. In some ways, Baby Assassins 2 Babies is more of the same, but that can be viewed as a good thing.

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