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An undercover narcotics team begins a sting operation inside a fried chicken restaurant in . Captain Ko (Ryu Seung-ryong) is the leader of a small ragtag team of narcotics detectives assigned to stakeout and take down a local drug kingpin. The perfect cover for the team arises when a nearby fried chicken restaurant goes out of business. Taking on the business for themselves, the restaurant becomes an unexpected hit when the rib marinated chicken they prepare becomes a hot seller.

Extreme Job

Extreme Job is an action-comedy from South Korean director Lee Byeong-heon (What a Man Wants) that will most definitely result in you craving South Korean style fried chicken afterwards. Much of the comedy in Extreme Job comes from how what starts off as a sting operation turns into a legit business, to the point where the team almost forgets that they are undercover detectives. The film builds up to its final action scene, where each member of the team gets to show off their true skills. Altogether, Extreme Job makes for a quite enjoyable action-comedy.

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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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