Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

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A disgraced martial arts expert becomes entangled with Hong Kong's criminal underwork in . Wing Chun expert, Cheung Tin Chi (Max Zhang) seeks to keep a low profile after being defeated by Ip Man. However, Cheung crosses paths with opium dealer Tso Sai Kit (Kevin Cheng), who continues to peddle drugs, despite the efforts of his sister Tso Ngan Kwan () to go straight. After losing his home in an attack, Cheung and his son take shelter with Julia (Liu Yan) and her brother Chiu Kam Fu (Naason), who runs a successful bar in downtown Hong Kong. It is soon discovered that local British restauranteur and philanthropist Owen Davidson () might be the true mastermind of the local underworld.

Master Z Ip Man Legacy

Master Z: Ip Man Legacy is a film that can probably be described as a “side-quel” to the Ip Man films starring , taking Max Zhang's character from Ip Man 3 and spinning him off into his own story. The actual story of Master Z: Ip Man Legacy is almost inconsequential since the film is ultimately about the very impressive martial arts fight scenes. There's also the pretty impressive casting that includes the legendary Michelle Yeoh and a featured cameo by . Even the stunt casting of Dave Bautista as the main foreign adversary works by the end. Altogether, Master Z: Ip Man Legacy is a quite entertaining martial arts action film.

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