Golden Delicious – Canadian Film Fest 2023

Golden Delicious Canadian Film Fest 2023
Has a strong Chinese-Canadian family dynamic, thought the queer coming-of-age story is formulaic and cliché.

Golden Delicious – Canadian Film Fest 2023

Runtime: 01:59
When basketball-obsessed Aleks moves across the street, Asian-Canadian teen Jake finds himself trying out for the basketball team to get his attention in this classic coming-of-age drama in the digital age.

A Chinese-Canadian high school student tries to figure out his identity in . Jake () is a teenager who is under a lot of pressure from both his basketball-loving father, George () and social media-influencer girlfriend, Valerie (), to meet their expectations for Jake. Things change with the arrival of Jake's new neighbour, Aleks (), who awakens something within Jake.

Golden Delicious Synopsis

Golden Delicious is a coming-of-age drama directed by Jason Karman, the title of which references the Chinese restaurant run by protagonist Jake's parents, George and Andrea (). The latter views the restaurant as a dead end and tries to dissuade Jake's sister Janet (), from pursuing a culinary career. On the other hand, Jake is under pressure to follow the basketball dreams of his father and his girlfriend Valerie's desire to take their two-year relationship to the next level. However, with the arrival of Aleks, Jake has to contend with his growing homosexual attraction to his new neighbour.

My Thoughts on Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious is a somewhat formulaic and cliche queer coming-of-age story that includes every trope, such as the homophobic jock Ronald (Jesse Hyde) and a third-act incident where Jake is outed as gay in the most embarrassing way possible. I reacted better to the family dynamic in Golden Delicious, as all the Chinese-Canadian family members have obstacles to overcome. While I would've preferred if some plot aspects were played differently, Golden Delicious is still a coming-of-age story worth checking out.

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