Bloom – Canadian Film Fest 2023

Bloom Canadian Film Fest 2023
Tackles some serious issues, but no real commentary about teenagers’ reliance on social media.

Bloom – Canadian Film Fest 2023

Runtime: 01:24
BLOOM delves into the world of today’s teenage girls through moments in the lives of three groups of girls, images gleaned from the web and live streams of young womens around the world.

The contrast between teenage girls' real and online lives is explored in . In the modern age, teenagers often find it easier to communicate with people online than in person. Three groups of teenage girls are followed as their lives on and offline are contested.

Bloom Synopsis

Bloom is a social-media-focused documentary directed by Fanie Pelletier. The film follows several teenage girls who regularly stream their lives on social media sites such as Periscope and Tiktok. Many of these girls are candid about their sexuality and body image issues, with the anonymity of the internet being the reason why they can be so open.

My Thoughts on Bloom

Bloom takes a very cinema verite approach to explore the social media lives of teenage girls. While the documentary does tackle some serious issues, such as body image and eating disorders, there is also a level of creepiness as these girls, with an average age of 17, often reveal comments by guys in their 30s. Bloom would have probably been a better film if it was less fly on the wall and featured some real commentary about teenage girls' reliance on social media to express themselves.

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Trailer for Bloom – Canadian Film Fest 2023

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