It’s Coming – Hot Docs 2023

It's Coming Hot Docs 2023
Quite chilling with some freaky events caught on camera, but this horror documentary remains open to interpretation.

It’s Coming – Hot Docs 2023

Runtime: 01:35
A Brooklyn wife and mother of 5 who’s been beset by supernatural entities since the age of 11, attempts to rid her house of malevolent spirits now afflicting her children.

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A Brooklyn family hopes to rid themselves of the malevolent spirits haunting them in It’s Coming. Ashley Roland is a mother of five and has been sensitive to supernatural entities since she was 11. After returning to her family’s ancestral Brooklyn apartment, Ashley and her kids witness strange events in their home. Ashley’s son Javier is of particular interest, as he believes he regularly sees and interacts with a shadowy spirit known as “Kitty.”

It’s Coming Synopsis

It’s Coming is a horror documentary directed by Shannon Alexander, who observes a Brooklyn family in their supposedly haunted apartment. Ashley begins to fear for the safety of her kids, especially after she finds out that her son Javier has been playing with one of the entities in the house. Ashley first recruits spirit medium Soledad Haren to perform a cleansing on the house. She eventually recruits the services of New York City demonologists Chris and Harmony DeFlorio to perform an exorcism.

My Thoughts on It’s Coming

Shannon Alexander presents It’s Coming as if it were a true-life Paranormal Activity. Admittedly, the film is open to interpretation and probably not enough to convince skeptics that a demonic presence truly haunts this family. However, the stories the family members tell, particularly Ashley’s son Javier, are quite chilling. Some freaky unexplained events happen in the film, such as a boom mic suddenly swinging towards Ashley, a strange shadow caught on a night camera, and Chris DeFlorio’s Kinect camera capturing something crouched by the family’s TV. Ultimately, this makes It’s Coming a horror documentary you would probably not want to watch alone.

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