Coven – Hot Docs 2023

Coven Hot Docs 2023
A very non-judgmental, almost to a fault, profile of three present-day witches.

Coven – Hot Docs 2023

Runtime: 01:28
Millennials Laura, Andra and Ayo are part of a growing feminist effort to revive the practice of witchcraft and reclaim the term ‘witch’.

Three millennial women identify as present-day witches in . Over the generations, the concept of witches has evolved from a patriarchal fear of strong women to a religious form of spiritualism that is embraced. Three Toronto-based women have embraced Wiccan teachings in their own ways. Laura is a solitary witch who traces her ancestry to Scotland and the Salem Witch Trials. Andra is a Romanian immigrant who returns to her ancestral home. Finally, Ayo performs as the hip-hop soul artist Witch Prophet and travels to New Orleans to connect with a school for Black Witches.

Coven Synopsis

Coven is a documentary directed by Rama Rau (League of Exotique Dancers, Honey Bee) about modern-day millennial women who identify as witches. The film acts as a primer for Wiccan practices described by third-generation High Priestess Anne Marie Greymoon as a “benevolent dictatorship.” The film follows the three primary subjects on their journeys of past life regressions, visiting haunted Romanian forests, and encountering spirits in the form of butterflies.

My Thoughts on Coven

With Coven, director Rama Rau profiles these three present-day witches in a very non-judgmental fashion, almost to a fault. While the beliefs of Wicca are likely no different than any other religion, the film asks the audience to go in with an open mind and believe things such as the subjects having dreams about their past lives. While undoubtedly an interesting film, Coven is ultimately a documentary most accessible to those who fully believe in witchcraft and other Wiccan practices.

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