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benjaminbutton poster 1As we enter the new year, I am doing some catching up a few remaining 2008 films, mostly the ones that look to do well come awards season. One of the most notable of these films is .

It's interesting that this romantic fantasy was directed by David Fincher, who made a career from directing thrillers, such as Se7en, Fight Club, and Panic Room. However, I did find the film a haunting tale about life.

The film follows the simultaneous lives of 's Benjamin, who ages backwards, and 's Daisy, who ages normally.

I was really amazed by the make-up effects that made Pitt look like an old man and the transition seemed seamless as he became younger as the film went on.

The film was 2h39m, but I didn't really feel that the film was long. I guess it makes for a good film when you are so immersed in the story, that you don't care how long it is.

The film already has five Golden Globe nominations and I'm sure it should get some Oscar nods as well (at least for Best Make-Up).

In the end The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a wonderful film that gives the message that you have to live your life the best way that you possibly can.


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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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