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With this film, Peter Jackson leaves behind the huge epics he was involved with during the last decade and does a film that is probably closer in tone to his 1994 film Heavenly Creatures.

The film is about a girl that continues watch her family (and her killer) and she is murdered.

The most common criticism I read about the film prior to watching the film was its portrayal of the the afterlife.  After seeing the film, I do have to agree that it was probably a little jarring seeing such a brightly coloured happy-go-lucky world (especially following the very tense and suspenseful first act).  However, I have a feeling that this contrast was intentional and as the film progressed, I didn't really mind it.

Irish actress is pretty good in the lead role of Susie Salmon. She is definitely an up-and-coming actress and she shined in every role I seen her in (starting with a supporting role in the film Death Defining Acts, which I saw at the film festival a few years ago).  I also have to say that I thought Stanley Tucci was very chilling and disturbing in the role of the killer.

Overall, I thought this a decent film and it was a nice change of pace for Peter Jackson after all those three hour epics.


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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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