New Normal – Fantasia 2023

New Normal
The second, third, and fourth chapters are the strongest of this murder-themed Korean anthology.

New Normal – Fantasia 2023

Runtime: 01:52
New Normal is a captured record of 4 days in Seoul, 2022, which is a time of chaos that all the mankind never have been experienced before in entire human history. It depicts the unexpected risks and identity of fears that are hidden in everyday life and common space.

Six stories detail the violence and chaos in Seoul in New Normal. In Chapter 1: M, Hyun-jung () has to deal with an invasive inspector. In Chapter 2: Do the Right Thing, a boy helps a wheelchair-bound woman get home. In Chapter 3: Dressed to Kill, Hyun-su () is on an online date intercepted by a killer. In Chapter 4: Be With You, Hoon () follows romantic clues hidden in vending machines. In Chapter 5: Peeping Tom, a pervert discreeting visits his neighbour's flat. Finally, in Chapter 6: My Life as a Dog, a disillusioned convenience store clerk deals with her terrible customers.

New Normal Synopsis

New Normal is a darkly humorous horror anthology written and directed by Jung Bum-shik (Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum). Featuring a format akin to The Twilight Zone, each of the six stories climaxes in murder or some other form of grisly death. Many of the stories share connections with each other, with the final story turning out to be the most interconnected.

My Thoughts on New Normal

Of the six stories in New Normal, I would have to say that Dressed to Kill, Be With You, and Peeping Toms are the best ones with the most satisfying killer punchlines. In fact, I would argue that the conclusion of Be With You, the only chapter not to specifically involve murder, ends up being the most surprising and grisly of the bunch. However, as with most anthologies, New Normal does end up being a bit uneven tonally at times.

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