Ride On – Fantasia 2023

Ride On
A touching drama about a man and his horse, which also serves as a commentary on the career of Jackie Chan.

Ride On – Fantasia 2023

Runtime: 02:06
A washed-up stuntman and his stunt horse become an overnight social media sensation when their real-life fight with debt collectors goes viral.

An aging stuntman tries to retain ownership of his beloved horse in . Luo () is a past-his-prime stuntman who spends most of his days on his ranch with his prized horse Red Hare, who is in danger of being claimed by a bankruptcy court. Luo seeks the help of his estranged daughter Bao () and her lawyer fiance Lu () to help retain ownership of Red Hare. In addition, Luo's stunt career begins to take off again after a video of him and Red Hare fighting off debt collectors goes viral.

Ride On Synopsis

Ride On is an action dramedy written and directed by Larry Yang. The film stars Jackie Chan as Luo, a character that is clearly based on the martial arts legend's career, even at one point utilizing clips from Chan's films. Luo has a near-non-existent relationship with his daughter Bao, as he separated from her late mother when Bao was very young. The fight to keep Red Hare allows Luo to develop a relationship with Bao, however, the latter becomes concerned that her father is overworking the horse by doing dangerous stunts for films.

My Thoughts on Ride On

While Ride On is ultimately a drama about a man and his love for his horse, the film also acts somewhat as a commentary on the career of the now 69-year-old Jackie Chan, with modern martial arts films utilizing more CGI and greenscreen than the stuntwork Chan built his nearly five-decade career on. However, Ride On still features many stunt-heavy martial arts sequences, in between the more dramatic scenes, to satisfy Jackie Chan fans.

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