Retrograde – Canadian Film Fest 2023

Retrograde Canadian Film Fest 2023
Solid film that’s hard to get fully on board with its increasingly dislikeable protagonist

Retrograde – Canadian Film Fest 2023

Runtime: 01:14
A minor traffic citation spirals into an all-consuming obsession for a neurotic young woman.

A neurotic woman becomes obsessed with a traffic citation she receives in . While helping her new roommate Gabrielle (), move into the house she shares with Rose (), Molly () ends up being pulled over and receiving a traffic ticket. Molly believes that the ticket was given to her in error, and despite advice from multiple sources to swallow her pride and pay the fine, Molly becomes obsessed with fighting the citation.

Retrograde Synopsis

Retrograde is a dark comedy written and directed by Adrian Murray, focusing on a neurotic woman named Molly who becomes increasingly obsessed with a traffic citation she receives. Many scenes are structured through single static shots, such as the opening scene in Molly's scene or a party where Molly takes issue with her new roommate Gabrielle's interest in astrology. Unwilling to admit guilt for her traffic citation, Molly spends much time and resources fighting the ticket.

My Thoughts on Retrograde

Retrograde is a film that is a bit difficult to stay on board with, as the protagonist Molly becomes increasingly obnoxious and unlikeable as the film progresses. The turning point comes around the film's midpoint when the prosecutor handling Molly's citations offers that she pay $50 of the $300 ticket, but she continues to refuse to do so since she's “not paying for people lying.” Retrograde is ultimately a film about someone blowing a problem out of proportion, making it more trouble than it is worth.

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